Infosys Establishes A Unit To Answer To The Call Of The Telecom Industry

Infosys Establishes A Unit To Answer To The Call Of The Telecom Industry

Salil Parekh, the chief executive of Infosys, has carved out a different business that will augment aim on telecom firms that look to use their subscriber base and network to retain their... Read more »

The new tourist attraction: Visit the prototypes of the wall with Mexico

A group of American tourists arrived on Sunday to the border between San Diego (California, USA) and Tijuana (Mexico) to observe the prototypes of the border wall and see “what it is... Read more »

ICE concludes four-day operation in northern California with 232 arrests of undocumented immigrants

An Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) operation that took place over the past four days in northern California in an area that stretched from Bakersfield to the border with the state of... Read more »

Plane On Route To New Mexico Crashes, Killing 4

The four people aboard the plane from southern Alberta disappeared in the United States were killed, said US civil aviation. A spokesman for the Civil Air Patrol confirmed that the plane was... Read more »

Where is Adela? the mysterious disappearance of aspiring Hollywood actress

Like thousands of young people who come to Hollywood in search of stardom, Adea Shabani arrived in Southern California in 2016 with the hope of venturing into acting and modeling in the... Read more »

Two Teens Arrested For Murder In Albuquerque

Two teenagers were arrested after allegedly shooting and killing a man southwest of Albuquerque on Thursday afternoon Santiago Armijo and Jeremiah de la Pena, both 15, were admitted to the juvenile detention... Read more »

Authorities order mandatory evacuations in several regions of southern California due to storms

Santa Barbara County officials ordered mandatory evacuations in several communities in the region as a precaution against the storms forecast for southern California beginning Thursday and Friday. The orders impact neighborhoods around... Read more »

Fire causes damage to commercial premises in Los Angeles

A commercial space in the Fashion District in downtown Los Angeles suffered severe damage as a result of a fire in the early hours of Tuesday. The incident was registered shortly before... Read more »