Something smells rotten! Hundreds of skunks invade city

A mild winter has made hundreds of skunks come out of their burrows and run loose through the city of Truth Or Consiquence.

Something stinks in a city in southeastern New Mexico and residents want police to take care of the case.

Apparently, a strong skunk smell is permeating the city of Hagerman (New Mexico). According to ‘KRQE-TV’, this is due to the low temperatures that were experienced during the winter in the region, which have caused these annoying mammals to leave before their burrows.

Viola Badcock, owner of an animal shelter in Hagerman, assures that the skunks are loose around the city and that, in general, they are not healthy. Its bad smell seems to be a growing problem for the population of Hagerman.

Adam Chavez, a police officer, has said that traps are being installed all over the city with the intention of capturing the ‘skunks’

Chávez says that the healthy skunks, trapped in the traps, will be relocated on the east side of the city near a river.