Wed. Nov 30th, 2022
Google Employees Resigning Over The Issue Of China’s Search Efforts

The resignations soon turned into a protest of 1,000 Google employees last month due to the project, referred to as Dragonfly. The Googlers are protesting the efforts to enter the Chinese market again.

The Googlers are not much happy with the efforts made by the search engine giant to re-enter China are resigning as a result of a protest, as per the news published on Thursday.

The company is under serious inspection as the report by The Intercept last month on the plans of Google to develop a censored search engine for China, after eight years following retreating from the nation. During the departure, Sergey Brin, Co-founder, Google, who lived in the Soviet Union, experience the totalitarianism of policies made by China.

Dragonfly, the new search project, has faced criticism from its employees. Around 1,000 employees sent an open letter to the company officials and asking them to be transparent about the project and develop a moralistic review process of the company that has rank-and-file employees and not just the high-level staff.

Around 6 more employees have resigned from the Project Dragonfly, as per the BuzzFeed. As per the report, the names of the employee are circulating in the whole company via the internal communication system of the company.

While asking for any comment on this, the spokeswoman from Google denied to comment on it and said, it is company’s policy to not say anything on an individual employee.

As per the Intercept, Paulson in his resignation letter noted that he was not just concerned about the censorship, but also worried about the prospect of China for hosting the consumer data.

He wrote, “Due to my morals that oppose is basic to make the democracy work efficiently. I am pressurized to resign to avoid benefiting from and contributing to, the insufficiency of protection from protesters”.

By Cameron Bravo

Cameron Bravo was born and raised in the beautiful state of New Mexico. He has written for Buzz Feed and KMAX-TV, In regards to academics, Cameron earned an arts degree from the Sacramento State. Cameron covers local news and culture stories here at The Truth News.

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