Sat. Oct 1st, 2022
A Study Shows Vaping Doesn’t Help To Quit Cigarette Smoking

Many people vape to feel stylish and probably many others use electronic cigarettes in order to quit cigarette smoking. A study carried out by a scientist’s team shows that e-nicotine releasing systems can’t help the smoker quit smoking.

A Study Shows Vaping Doesn’t Help To Quit Cigarette Smoking

A paper published on Monday at Georgia University called up thousands of smokers who smoke e-cigarettes. They were tracked for an entire year and the scientists came up with the data that, from 858 individual who vape, around 90% individuals have continued to smoke without quitting. Only about 9.2% individuals successfully quit smoking by this year end.

The study also proves that no e-smoking systems can help you stop smoking as they had marketed the product. Scott Weaver, Asst. Professor, Georgia University says in his paper, “Such electronic nicotine releasing systems have failed to fulfill the expectations of customers who wish to quit smoking and has resulted in causing many diseases and deaths worldwide.” A study shows that the people vaping try to quit smoking but they fail to do so, they go on vaping which is also harmful.

A paper in Inverse shows that most of the biggest tobacco companies rely on their chemical composition for addiction as an attempt to sell such nicotine-less products. So a failure of such electronic systems is the extension of trend which was started in early 90s. Also, a fact regarding the tobacco companies is they continue investing in electronic cigarettes products because they don’t want people to quit smoking.

Scientists need more time to think on why individuals who vape were less interested to quit smoking than those who didn’t vape. Scott Weaver says, the research is continued and the health officials will help people to expose the effects of vaping and smoking. He says he will make cigarette smoking less addictive and less attractive.

By Steff Haines

Steff Haines is a reporter for The Truth News. After graduating from American River College, Steff got an internship at NPR and worked as a beat reporter for the Los Angeles Kings. Steff was also was a columnist for the Huff Post. Steff mostly covers entertainment and community events in the Truth or Consequences region.

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