Wed. Sep 28th, 2022
A Transit Survey Reports, Electric Scooter Trend Emerging At Exceptional Pace

A Transit Survey Reports, Electric Scooter Trend Emerging At Exceptional Pace

The new mode of transit has been adopted at a high rate and is making an impact in multiple US cities.
A team of University of California and MIT at Berkeley scholar, working at transportation data and analytics company, Populus, based in Francisco has initiated to bridge the gaps with this new survey, by understanding the approach of the new services.

A Transit Survey Reports, Electric Scooter Trend Emerging At Exceptional Pace

A nationwide survey named as “The Micromobility Revolution: The Introduction and Adoption of Electric Scooters in the United States,” reported that there is an enormous response for dockless electric scooters, with around 70% of the respondents are in the favor of the new service. This new service is also identified as a full proof solution to address the transit equity concerns.

Co-founder and CEO of Populus and research scientist (transportation), Regina Clewlow said, “Our massive data from major US cities unveiled that the new transport services are appreciated by the public and have outstanding adoption rates after their fresh arrival.

The study was executed on the basis of polling from 7,000 users in around 11 US Cities. This revealed that the adoption figures were growing swiftly than ever.” The core reason behind that is the rise in latest mobility options and growing penetration of smartphone.

Compared to the other shared mobility options, the adoption rate for an electric scooter is significantly high. After an introduction of the car-sharing services such as Zipcar, merely 2–3% of the overall population had used such services.

In addition, if the infrastructure for transport is designed according to the micro-mobility services, people will more readily use this mode of transport as economic and environment friendly option over cars. As per the report stated by Lime, a transportation rental company, around 53% user in San Francisco prefer Lime scooter over a car.

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