Mon. Sep 26th, 2022
All New Mustang For The Cup Competition In 2019 Unveiled By Ford

Ford recently uncovered the all new mustang model that the company is going to debut in the cup series taking place next year. This announcement was made by the company on this Thursday at a ceremony that was arranged at the company’s headquarters located in Dearborn, Michigan. During the announcement, all of the 13 Ford cup drivers were present at the ceremony. Tony Stewart, who is the co-owner of the Stewart-Haas Racing, drove a version of the model on the stage during the announcement of the same.

All New Mustang For The Cup Competition In 2019 Unveiled By Ford

The last time mustang raced full-time in a series was in 2011, at the Xfinity series. This move to join the cup series is its first since the Xfinity series. The mustang joins Toyota Camry along with Chevrolet’s Camaro, which debuted this season only.

The Mustang is the longest running model for the company, which was launched in 1964, some 54 years ago. Hau Thai-Tang, who is the executive vice president of product development and purchasing, said that the mustang has raced since the time it was first launched in 1964. He also added that it is a great feeling to let the model race in the top echelon of the most popular stock car racing series in the American region, even after almost half-a-century. The mustang won the 4000 mile, 10-day rally called Tour De France Automobile, when it first competed in the year 1964.

The company also said that they look forward to seeing the mustang model, which is considered as a cultural icon, on the track, in one of the most competitive series in all of the motorsports.

Speaking of Ford mustang, recently, the company reached another milestone which is related to the same model. In this month itself, the company launched its 10 millionth mustang with some great features that is soon going to be available.

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