Wed. Sep 28th, 2022
Amazon’s Facial Recognition AI Failed Miserably And Matches 28 Congress Members To Criminals

After a series of test conducted by the Non-Profit Organization of American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Northern California reveals massive flaws in the technology of the Amazon’s facial recognition project called Rekognition, which has misidentified about 28 Congress members as criminals during a test of the Artificial Intelligence system. This system is currently used by the Law enforcement agencies in Orlando and Oregon.

Amazon’s Facial Recognition AI Failed Miserably And Matches 28 Congress Members To Criminals

Moments of knowing this Senator Edward Markey along with Representatives Luis Gutierrez and Mark DE Saulnier wrote a concerned letter to Jeff benzos, clearly mentioning about the mismatching incident and ordered to immediately stop the system before it’s too late for some innocent victim to get convicted because of the failure of the system. Also, demand a detail report on why the system failed so miserably. Senator Ron Wyden, Ed Markey, Cory Booker released order stating the Chief of Police to stop all the 39 law enforcement agencies to use the system for the facial recognition thus preventing the misuse and abuse of the system.

With the advancement in the technologies, their availability and accuracy have increased, and cost of deployment is reduced, it is understood that these kinds of the toolcome to play a key role for the agencies of law enforcement. However, this technology must be used responsibly and a thorough full proof test must be taken to avoid any malfunctioning of the technology without compromising the privacy of the Americans.

Earlier also concerns regarding the Amazon’s system Rekognition had raised by the shareholders of the company itself and demanded that the system should not be given to the Law enforcement agencies has its still in the early stage of the development. This could have serious implication if used by the law enforcement agencies as it would violate the civil and human rights of the people of America.

By Carrie Adams

Carrie Adams is journalism graduate from New Mexico State University.  She’s based in T or C but grew up in New Jersey. After graduating school, Carrie couldn’t dream of going back to the New Jersey winters. Carrie has written for NPR, TODAY and the Huffington Post. Carrie is a health and science reporter, focusing issues affecting families.

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