Tue. Sep 27th, 2022
Amber Heard Faced Criticism Due To Her Tweet About ICE Checkpoint

Amber heard tweets made her face a lot of criticism and that was at the level that she had to even delete her tweet.

The lady lead of Aquaman, Amber Heard has invited a controversy by tweeting about an assumed Customs and Immigration checkpoint of the US government close to her home.

Amber Heard Faced Criticism Due To Her Tweet About ICE Checkpoint

As per Screengrabs’ tweet that was published online mentioned, that the actress tweeted on Tuesday in early hours of the morning, “Just got to know that Hollywood has an ICE checkpoint, a few blocks away from my home.” The homeowners should provide their nannies, housekeepers, and landscapers a ride to their home.

Following this event, the users of Twitter targeted and drag the actress in range of criticism, and referring her as racist, while the conservatives called her as an outsider due to her way of addressing others.

James Woods, an actor, and a regular user of Twitter invaded into the debate and pointing out the Aquaman actress with a reference to her huge alimony settlement with Johnny Depp, her ex-husband.

He tweeted, “Yeah, you alimony Richie rich does not want to take hands off from your hired assistance, do you….? #RacistPrivilege.”

After getting rid of the tweet, Heard, an avid opponent of the zero-tolerance immigration policy of Trump administration, posted another tweet of checkpoints in the locality and the one those can be interpreted as regret or a clarification.

She wrote, “Is this America, we all are dreaming for? Raids, police-state, and fences like barriers don’t make us feel like we are living in a land of free that is built by our immigrant ancestors.”

An agency representative said, “We do only conduct enforcement depend on the leads from intelligence, otherwise not.”

Based on this information, the Twitter users tolled Heard by saying that the actress got confused with DUI checkpoint as immigration checkpoint.

By Cameron Bravo

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