Thu. Sep 29th, 2022
Dash Charge Might Be Substituted By OnePlus With Warp Charge

OnePlus, a Chinese mobile manufacturer, might have a substitute for Dash Charge in its store, and it might be dubbed Warp Charge. The proprietary quick charging technology of OnePlus—Dash Charge—has been a major spotlight for the smartphones of the firm for a while now.

Dash Charge Might Be Substituted By OnePlus With Warp Charge

The Chinese mobile maker, 2 years back, had rolled out a feature in its OnePlus 3. The device came packed with a Dash Charge adapter that utilized the fast charging technology of company for charging the battery in 30 Min up to 60%.

Nevertheless, when OnePlus rolled out its newest flagship earlier this year, OnePlus 6, the word Dash Charge was not cited at all. Actually, the firm has been eliminating all citations to the Dash Charge term from its websites. At the moment, it seems ready to entirely drain the name “Dash Charge” soon. The plain cause is that OnePlus got into some trademark problems in the EU.

According to a Dutch website MobielKopen’s report, an application has been filed by OnePlus at the EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) to trademark “Warp Charge.” Fascinatingly, OnePlus doesn’t have any wireless chargers in the marketplace, but its trademark submission makes a stipulation for its use on them, maybe for an imminent device.

OnePlus’ Warp Charge application is at present logged as “under examination” by the regulators. This implies, after the application is approved, we can anticipate an official statement from the Chinese maker.

To recollect, a trademark has been apparently filed by OnePlus for the Dash Charge moniker in EU and US in 2016. Nevertheless, the EU declined the application this year in March, as 2 firms challenged it. Amazon and Bragi, the Wireless audio company, had challenged the trademark for Dash Charge in the EU. The Dash Replacement service of Amazon allows connected devices to place an order for goods from the platform when provisions are low.

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