Mon. Sep 26th, 2022
Facebook Is Ready To Use WhatsApp To Generate Revenues

WhatsApp has reached the point where it has made the diverse ways to make people connect to expand the business, of course with a price to pay.

As announced by WhatsApp on Wednesday that people can use the platform to expand their business opportunities, but for this, they need to pay some price, this is, however, the first ever more the Facebook-owned messaging app to generate revenue.

Facebook Is Ready To Use WhatsApp To Generate Revenues

Entrepreneurs and commercial houses get the ability to perform things such as offering real-time service to the customers and provide information such as shipping notifications or boarding passes, wrote in a blog post. The company as well shared that the messages between businesses and customers were also encrypted as the usual messages and users have the option to block businesses.

The businesses need to pay a charge of 5 — 9 cents for each message that they are sending to potential clients, as reported by the WSJ (Wall Street Journal). As per a report, WhatsApp is soon going to launch ads in its Status feature, that’s a tool just like the Instagram stories.

The new feature of generating revenue through WhatsApp gets its outburst with the sudden decrease in Facebook business and revenue. The social media giant has not been able to hold the revenue as predicted in its quarterly revenue generation, which results in a historically huge dig in its stock value.

Jan Koum, co-founder, WhatsApp has quit his position in April. However, there are some sources which reported that Koum got into a clash with Facebook, which owned the app and paid $22B for it, over the issue of attempts made by the social network to use the personal information and hampers its encryption framework.

Though, Koum shared other reasons like he wants to do something else that he always like to do out of technology.

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