Mon. Sep 26th, 2022
First Case Reported Of Female Survivor Of Ebola Is Infecting Others

In the history of medical science, scientists have discovered that a woman can hold the Ebola virus for as long as a year and then cause infection in others around her.

The research involved diffusion of a Liberian family in the ending days of the West African epidemic that was recorded from December 2014—mid of 2016. During this duration around 29K individuals were found infected with the virus which causes the death of around 11k people.

First Case Reported Of Female Survivor Of Ebola Is Infecting Others

This event came up with a question, that how can it be possible that the virus harbor in a woman for 13 months and then re-emerge and infecting others. However, the woman fell sick after she conceived; scientist tends to think that the immune system weakness which is normal during pregnancy might have triggered the virus.

Earlier, however, a portion of the virus have been discovered in the milk and spinal fluid and milk of women who recover, it is just the male survivors who have been found the culprit of infecting someone. Those virus transmissions were occurred because of sex, as the virus tends to the harbor for 2 years in semen.

The family came into the spotlight by November 2015, which is almost 6 months after Liberia announced that its outbreak is over prematurely.

As soon as the kid tested positive with the virus, the experts bought the family, which has his 33-year-old, his father who is 40-year-old and his 3 siblings of age 8 years, 5 years, and 2 months, for medical testing and observation.

The researcher said, “All 120 individuals who came in contact with the family recently were vaccinated. No one has reported feeling sick, and this way it helped us to know that Merck vaccine is effective.

In a report in accompanying of the Lancet article, an Ebola expert, Lorenzo Subissi in Sciensano, public health institute, Belgium, stated that the new research can possibly lead to the additional stigma for early Ebola survivors.

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