Mon. Sep 26th, 2022
Florence Expected To Become A Major Hurricane In No Time


Florence is already experiencing some intensification and is expected to intensify even further while walking on the path to become a major hurricane in no time. The winds of the storm sustained at nearly 90mph on Sunday. The hurricane is on the verge of moving towards the western waters of the Atlantic Ocean, and is expected to get highly dangerous by the time, which can make it qualify as a Category 4 hurricane. According to some of the latest forecasts, the hurricane will keep moving westward and then will be caught between the ridges for as many as two days.

The hurricane is expected to get caught in a pair of the ridges which are actually mid-level ridges, present at the Atlantic Ocean. According to the forecast, a strong ridge will get build in the next few days over the northeastern part of the Atlantic Ocean and it is expected to steer the hurricane Florence at a speed which is much more than expected. By Wednesday, Florence is expected to turn in the northwestern direction and it will get slowed down by a small margin, mainly because of yet another ridge that will get formed near the Ohio Valley.

But his particular ridge forming near the Ohio Valley is a point of huge concern as because of the same, the hurricane Florence will stop movies fast around the fifth day and it can potentially lead to some heavy rain accompanied with an inland flood hazard. On Thursday night, a landfall can also occur, particularly along the coast of North Carolina or South Carolina. The risk of a few life threatening impacts from the hurricane is also increasing and it is expected to create even more problems. But it is too soon to predict the exact details of the same, and efforts are being put in to know more.

By Cameron Bravo

Cameron Bravo was born and raised in the beautiful state of New Mexico. He has written for Buzz Feed and KMAX-TV, In regards to academics, Cameron earned an arts degree from the Sacramento State. Cameron covers local news and culture stories here at The Truth News.

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