Tue. Sep 27th, 2022
Huawei says we are in compliance and far from target of US Sanctions

Huawei, the largest manufacturers of telecommunication and networking devices in the world from China, seen him on the safe side and far from the target of the US sanctions and is continuously going to buy the chips from US this year as well, as told by the company’s one from three rotating chairmen to French newspaper.

Huawei says we are in compliance and far from target of US Sanctions

Huawei, as well the 3rd biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world, is a privately owned company but known to found itself in the battling the thought of having a partnership with the Chinese government, which is been denied in every approach.

Some of the lawmakers from the US claimed last month that its act of funding the research to the American Universities might possibly be the sign of huge threat to the security of nation, and this is the most recent difficulty that Huawei experienced during its operations in the US.

ZTE Corp, one of another significant Chinese telecommunications device manufacturer, was faced a penalty of $1.4B as a settlement amount as the firm busted a contract to discipline representatives who were planning to illegally avoid US sanctions on North Korea and Iran, as said by the US government.

Ken Hu, one of the rotating chairmen, Huawei, shared with Le Journal du Dimanche, that he has been asked that if his company might also be penalized by sanctions.

He answered, “It is difficult to think of it. A decade ago we have a system in place to take care of manage effectively our exports, which result in making the process very efficient. The policy of company is efficiently imposed all the regulations and laws introduced by the UN, Europe and the US.”

While questioning that if company could do without the components from the US? To this Hu said, “We should be accepting towards the best technologies, and best items. Therefore, we are going to continue by the American chips this year.”

By Carrie Adams

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