Sat. Oct 1st, 2022
Images Shared By Users Who Experienced The Blood Red Eclipsed Mood

July 27, is the date when the mood turned into blood red as it was passing through the shadow of Earth. In the same time, the Red planet has shown into its best appearance in last 15 years as it is shining brightly beside the blood moon in the same sky.

Images Shared By Users Who Experienced The Blood Red Eclipsed Mood

Though a lot of individuals didn’t have a chance to experience the lunar eclipse, the people who have a constant watch from all over the world have an opportunity to have at least one sight of the red celestial on Friday. Some readers of who are among a few lucky individuals that have experience both has shared some great images for the users.

An astrophotography professional, Amirreza Kamkar, Iran, captured an image in which Mars was burrowing up close towards the moon just alongside the starry core of the Milky Way galaxy. Kamkar told, “This location usually has a dark sky, and the galaxy easily appeared at the time of totality.”

Robbie Pesiwarissa, a photographer, Sydney, Australia, clicked an image of Mars and the moon while passing above the Opera house. Both the celestial objects are lined up near perfect with another bright-light lit on top of the Harbor Bridge in Sydney.

Stojan Stojanovski, an astrophotography expert, has successfully captured an even closer look of the Mars and moon with the help of 600 mm lens. He snapped both the planets from Macedonia, where he was being the part of the Ohrid Astronomy Association, who gather to enjoy the event.

In case you haven’t got the opportunity to experience the much-discussed eclipse, don’t get disheartened, there are a lot more to come. January 20, 2019, is the date for next lunar eclipse, but before that fans can experience two events of a solar eclipse.

You just need to wait a little bit to experience something worth waiting for.

By Carrie Adams

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