Wed. Sep 28th, 2022
Iraq Requests To US For Iran Sanctions Exemption

Iraq is the country whose economy is connected to Iran, so Baghdad is seeking permission to avoid some neighbor US sanctions said by Iraqi government. Donald Trump, the President of U.S aimed on restraining Iran’s nuclear plan hence has withdrawn U.S from international deal, thus reinforcing trade sanctions. The country who disrespects sanctions will go through consequences accordingly said Washington. The essential supplies from Iran is imported to Iraq, but the other major partner that is more secure and provides training is US. The Iraq PM stated on facing criticism from their rivals for abiding all US sanctions

The officials reported that a delegation trip may be planned to Washington for permissions on exemptions in application of sanctions. Also, the government may plan for waiver request to Washington which may happen soon. According to the State Department of U.S, they are in discussion with their partners across the world on Iran Policies.       Also, Iraq is one of the most important allies of US and they ensure Iraqi prosperity and security as well. If Baghdad adheres to every sanction, Iraqi officials concern is key items deficit which may result political disturbance at crucial time.

The variety of goods such as Agricultural products, car spare parts, Food, home appliances are imported to Iraq. Iraq imports about $6B for year ending on March 2018 which is 15% of total imports in 2017. Energy contracts amongst two countries have been registered for huge trade volume of about $12 billion in 2017. It seems bit difficult to implement, even though the government has agreed to comply some sanctions by U.S. The Prime Minister of Iran should now turn up to compromise for a balance between U.S activities and Iranian activities as well, as suggested by Western Diplomats.

By Joe Peterson

Joe Peterson was born and raised in T Or C area. He has contributed to Discovery Magazine, Cottage Country Magazine and Tech Insider. As a journalist for The Truth news, Joe mostly covers national news. Aside from earning a living as a freelance journalist, Joe also spends much of his time training for ultra running.

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