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Keeping A Balance Between Touring And Parenting

Rapper Cardi B has come to realize that maintaining a career shortly after becoming a mother is more than just difficult. Not even two months after having baby girl Kulture Kiari, she was to join singer Bruno Mars on the road but she backed out saying that she couldn’t possibly leave her kid behind. Mars gave his full support but it was especially difficult for her as she was confident that she’d be able to manage both the tour and her baby.

Keeping A Balance Between Touring And Parenting

On Jimmy Fallon’s show in April, she had announced that she’d be going on the tour and she’d take her daughter with her. Her decision didn’t come as a surprise as motherhood is challenging and exhausting, although rewarding at the same time. Co-founding member of Parents in Performing Arts has said that the provision for care in the world of theatres, dance and music should be a routine.

Adele toured for a period of 10 months when Angelo, her son, was just four. It was for her album 25. She opened up about how not being able to put her kid to bed every night was upsetting. Paloma Faith, who’ll be touring in Australia and UK till November, has taken her child along with her, who’ll be almost two when the tour ends. She told iNews that finding the perfect balance with the nanny is difficult. Things became a lot easier when her husband Leyman Lahcine took a year off to look after their kid which the star praised vehemently.

Lily Allen in 2014 stated that she’d take her two kids, aged one and three, on her tour with Miley Cyrus. But her plans later fell through when she decided against taking them to Australia owing to their young age.

Robbie Williams in 2013 showed his keenness to take daughter Teddy then aged nine months, on tour with him. Metro reported him saying that Teddy has a calming and gentle presence and her being with him would mean more sleep for him.

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