Mon. Sep 26th, 2022
Made In America Event To Stay On Ben Franklin Parkway

Made in America music festival of Jay-Z will remain in of Philadelphia’s heart after Mayor Jim Kenney upturned course on his verdict to shift the event. A statement was released by the mayor’s office stating Kenney and Desiree Perez, the Roc Nation’s Chief Operating Officer, had a “productive conference.”

The declaration continued to mention the city is dedicated to addressing community and operational challenges related to this huge-scale event. Perez, in a joint statement with Kenney, said, “We are content to declare that the Made in America festival will stay at the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, the center of the Philadelphia, for numerous years to come.”

The conference comes after it was declared that after this year the event wouldn’t be permitted on the Parkway, where it has been conducted since 2012 every Labor Day weekend. Last week, the city had stated the annual festival would require shifting to a new place initiating in 2019, mentioning how long it requires setting up and knocking down the 2-day festival.

Jay-Z blamed the mayor for displaying “zero gratitude” for whatever the festival had executed for Philadelphia. Around 50,000 individuals are being magnetized to the parkway annually, a greatly visited stretch of fountains, monuments, museums, and the renowned “Rocky” strides at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

This year, Meek Mill, Post Malone, and Nicki Minaj are all ready to perform. Kenney stated, “I am very much grateful for all that Made in America has executed for the City of Philadelphia and I stay devoted to its persistent success.”

Jay-Z, in last week, was invited by the officers in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to get the event there. Ina letter t the firm of Jay-Z, Roc Nation, Alderman Khalif Rainey mentioned that Milwaukee is well-known as a city of events as it hosts so many events yearly, comprising Summerfest.

By Sara Liard

Sara Liard is a seasoned journalist with 15 years experience as a reporter. While studying journalism at college, Srah wrote her thesis on political corruption at the municipal level. As a contributor to The Truth News, Sarah mostly covers politics.

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