Tue. Sep 27th, 2022
Michigan Central Station To Buzz Again As Ford Plans To Use It For Self Driving Cars

Ford Motors is considering releasing information about intended transformation of Michigan Central train station, located to the west of lower part of Detroit. The company some time ago purchased the building, which is 105 years old and has been unoccupied for a long time. The company has been planning to revamp the structure, possessing an area of 500,000 square-foot, and convert it into a campus that is centered on self-driving vehicles.

Michigan Central Station To Buzz Again As Ford Plans To Use It For Self Driving Cars

The grand structure, located in the Corktown area of Detroit, speaks of the times when Detroit was the manufacturing hub and its subsequent downfall into debts. The last train departed from the station almost 30 years ago, in 1988. The efforts for procuring land to build the station by Michigan Central Railroad commenced in 1908 and the station was opened in 1913. The station consisted of marble flooring, tall pillars, picturesque waiting rooms and an overall feel of Roman architecture.

Due to more and more people preferring cars and flights and availability of interstate, there was a huge decline in number of people preferring trains. Consequently, number of people taking trains went down to 64097 in 1986, from a previous count of 82408 in 1985. Subsequently, the station was purchased by Great Lakes World Trade Center to develop the place into commercial center, parks and shopping malls. However, this plan failed due to stopping of a grant by the government in the year of 1987 and the station has been unoccupied ever since.

There was a declaration by Ford that it is going to shift the business related to self-driving and electric vehicles to Corktown. Ford will be transforming the station and a few surrounding properties owned by them as per its needs. This will result in an influx of a huge number of technology field workers and subsequent development of the area.

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