Mon. Sep 26th, 2022
No Refunds For Online Customers Of House Of Fraser

The customers of the House of Fraser will not be receiving any refund for the goods, which they have already paid for but not yet received it. The 169-year-old chain of House of Fraser was taken over by the Sports Direct for £90 million as it failed to reach the desired agreement with the creditors.

The chain was taken over by Sports Direct last month, which stated that the people should contact the administrators to get the money back. As the queue of the creditors is long, the chances of receiving the refund are very slim. The customers are agitated and not bothered about the business takeover. They have stated that their only motive is to get the money back.

On 10th August the business of House of Fraser was taken over by the Sports Direct. However, on 15th August, the website went down, which left the customers flabbergasted. Due to the elevated agitation, the management of the House of Fraser committed to refunding the money of the customer while canceling the online orders. As per the spokesperson on behalf of the House of Fraser, the company had referred to the orders placed by the customers after the completion of the takeover.

He further stated that any concerns faced by the customers on the orders before 10th August should be conveyed to the administrators of the EY. However, it is evident that the money invested by the customers will be in the long queue of the creditors. As a result, the possibility of the customers to receive the entire sum of money is slim.

EY has stated that the customers can file a claim for the refund at the HF Stores Realizations Ltd., which was previously in the name of House of Frasers (Stores) Ltd. Though they will scrutinize every claim, the customers have rare chances of receiving a portion of the money.

By Joe Peterson

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