Wed. Sep 28th, 2022
Now You Can Send Voice Messages On LinkedIn Too

LinkedIn, the social networking site that people most likely use when they want to get a job or get a new job is getting better and better in every aspect and that is resulting in the expansion of the user base as well. Recently a new feature was added on to the site which we all have been using on the other social networking sites since quite long, which is nothing but voice messaging. The feature is linked with a chat tool that is available on the mobile app of LinkedIn. A person can now listen to the messages from the app as well as from the website.

Now You Can Send Voice Messages On LinkedIn Too

The feature was launched on this Thursday and is expected to be of great help to the people that are seeking some good jobs. LinkedIn has suggested that people can use this feature while multi-tasking and also said that the feature can help many people to forge a lot better personal connections with business contacts.

Despite a lot of people making fun of the platform for not one but many reasons including the unnecessary or rather funny way of sending emails to the people telling about the people that have sent the invitation on the platform, the platform has now more than nearly 562 members in the entire world, which is nothing short of exceptional. Also when was the last time you heard scandalous news about LinkedIn? Exactly. It would now be interesting to see how people perceive this new feature.

Speaking of LinkedIn, its co-founder Reid Hoffman just boiled down his own rule for the replacement of a wrong CEO for a company which might be helpful to the corporate industry.  The man himself has stepped down as the CEO of LinkedIn not just once but twice.

By Steff Haines

Steff Haines is a reporter for The Truth News. After graduating from American River College, Steff got an internship at NPR and worked as a beat reporter for the Los Angeles Kings. Steff was also was a columnist for the Huff Post. Steff mostly covers entertainment and community events in the Truth or Consequences region.

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