Mon. Sep 26th, 2022

The four people aboard the plane from southern Alberta disappeared in the United States were killed, said US civil aviation.

A spokesman for the Civil Air Patrol confirmed that the plane was found in Utah near the border with Colorado. on board was Klint Kaupp, Tim Mueller, Ron Mckenzie and Bill Kaupp, who was flying the aircraft.

The Kaupp family, whose father and son were on board, also confirmed on Twitter Friday night that the plane was found. She says she is now mourning.

Jon Kaupp had earlier explained that his brother, his father and two friends of the family had left Montana Wednesday on a Piper Lance plane. They were forced to land in Grand Junction, Colorado because of bad weather.

The aircraft then departed the Grand Junction Regional Airport in Colorado at 10:00 am Thursday to Albuquerque, New Mexico, but the aircraft never made it to its destination.

The US Air Rescue Coordination Center mobilized and recruited the Civil Air Patrol to lead the search.

The information collected on radar and cell waves on Thursday night led rescue teams to Utah. Research began Friday morning but was slowed down by bad weather, said Evan Gardner of the coordination center.

By Steff Haines

Steff Haines is a reporter for The Truth News. After graduating from American River College, Steff got an internship at NPR and worked as a beat reporter for the Los Angeles Kings. Steff was also was a columnist for the Huff Post. Steff mostly covers entertainment and community events in the Truth or Consequences region.

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