Tue. Sep 27th, 2022
Prosecutors Say Manafort Was Getting A “V.I.P.” Treatment in Jail

Paul Manafort was shifted since June 15 to the regional jail in rural Virginia, which is situated about 2 Hours away from south of Washington. Prosecutors stated that he was getting a “V.I.P.” treatment in the jail.

Prosecutors Say Manafort Was Getting A “V.I.P.” Treatment in Jail

Manafort, former campaign chairman of Trump, the U.S. President, was charged for money laundering and bank fraud and imprisoned in rural Virginia. Prosecutors proclaimed on Wednesday in a court filing that Manafort was offered exceptional privileges in the jail, which included a larger-than-average cell, a personal bathroom with shower facility, and special telephone. He was also provided with his own workspace to plan for trial. He also was not required to wear a uniform of prison and was permitted to use his laptop in his cell.

However, lawyers of Manafort, in a motion that wanted to delay his trial on July 25, 2018, defended in part that he had to go about 100 Miles to meet up with his client. Also, the phone calls with Manafort were restricted to 10 Minutes only. He added that the communications using the electronic medium also were restricted.

  1. S. Ellis III, Judge of the United States District Court in Alexandria, has been assigned this case. He offered a solution for the same. He ordered on Tuesday that Manafort should be shifted to Alexandria jail, which is about 20 Minutes away from Washington to confirm that the defendant will get an access to his counsel and can sufficiently get ready for his defense.

On a related note, Manafort was first notified about probably not following the federal lobbying laws in 1987. This challenged the claim of his legal team that he was not aware of any such laws when he was working for pro-Kremlin politicians in Ukraine decades later.

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