Wed. Sep 28th, 2022
Reddit Shared That The Platform Has Been Hacked In June

On Wednesday, the social bookmarking platform Reddit announced that it’s been hacked in June that results in theft of several email ids of its users and a usernames database from 2007.

Reddit Shared That The Platform Has Been Hacked In June

However, the company did not comment anything about the number of Reddit users who got impacted because of this event. But the company said that the individual who has any sort of impact will soon get a message from the platform owners notifying then about the intrusion. The database which was been hacked had the information like email ids, username, private messages as well as the user posts.

Reddit said it has started the process of resetting the passwords of the accounts whose log-in credentials are still active. Users signed up on the platform after 2007 wouldn’t face any impact due to this data breach event.

The hacker as well got an access to Redditlogs which have the email digests. The digest has the information about the short selection of trending posts suggested to the user as per their subscribed subreddits.

For the Reddit users whose log-in credentials were breached, Reddit will impose a password reset action on them. Those users are also suggested to recall that whether they have used the same password somewhere else on other website or online portals and services.

And to the users who found that they email ids were accessed through breach of the digest, should recall, whether the same email id has been used somewhere else.

Reddit says that the hacker could only gain access to some of its system that has the backup data and some portion of source code. The company further said, as soon as they got information about the breach; it has activated its monitoring system and also reported about the breach to the law authorities, which is doing the investigation.

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