Wed. Sep 28th, 2022
Robb Kulin Is The First NASA Astronaut To Willingly Leave The Organization Since 1968

NASA had not received even one astronaut candidate resignation since the year 1968, till Robb Kulin decided to leave the space agency recently. The company said that this is the first ever resignation of an astronaut in the last 50 years which was said in a statement given by the company on this Monday. The astronaut is said to be leaving the agency in this week itself, and the reasons for the departure are said to be very personal. The man was actually given one of nearly 12 spots, specifically for the two-year training program for the astronauts which was created by NASA.

the 2017 class of the space agency of 12 people actually had seven men and five women in it. The resignation of one of these astronauts has reduced the count to 11 and the company said that it will not be finding a replacement after the astronaut has left. The resignation of Kulin will go into effect on August 31, Friday. The man, interestingly, had applied for the program of the space agency for as many as three times, and had got in the third time. Out of the 18,000 applications that were received by NASA for the 2017 program, only a dozen were selected for the program with the time span of a couple of years.

The class is now ready to graduate with only 11 people, if any other resignations are not made. The man who is the first in so many years to resign the space agency has been secretive about the reasons behind the resignation. He has not yet given any statement regarding his decision. The last time it happened when an astronaut gave resignation was in 1968 when two astronauts left the agency in the same year including Brian O’Leary and John Llewellyn.

By Joe Peterson

Joe Peterson was born and raised in T Or C area. He has contributed to Discovery Magazine, Cottage Country Magazine and Tech Insider. As a journalist for The Truth news, Joe mostly covers national news. Aside from earning a living as a freelance journalist, Joe also spends much of his time training for ultra running.

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