Tue. Sep 27th, 2022
Snorting Is A Sign Of Happiness In Horses

Animal behavior has been a great topic to explore for the scientists. They have even discovered the patterns that demonstrate the specific feelings of the animals. However, the snorting of the horses was not considered as an important topic until now, which has revealed the exhibition of happiness by the four-legged animals.

Snorting Is A Sign Of Happiness In Horses

Horses are capable to produce three different kinds of sounds which represent diversified meanings. Snores are short yet raspy noise while blows are described as intense exhalations. However, snorts are described as pulsed noises which are produced as a result of the vibration of the nostrils when they expel air.

Until this research was executed, it was believed that the horses clean their noses of phlegm or any obstruction by snorting. However, the latest study proves that the blow-outs from the nose are nothing but the way to express happiness. This was proved by observing the animals from diversified kinds of habitats. It was realized that the ones who are in happier surrounding tend to snort more than the ones who are in gloomier ambiance.

The behavior of the cats was easier to comprehend. On the contrary, the horses presented a tough scenario in front of the researchers for understanding the pattern of their behavior. The sight of food elevates their heartbeat while the personal grooming sessions deplete it. This pattern of heartbeat contradicts the usual pattern observed in animals.

A few of the people even believe that like dogs and cats, horses demonstrate their happiness by playing and running around. However, this is not an inevitable evidence to prove that these creatures are happy. Playfulness is synonymous with the coping mechanism for horses when they encounter any unexpected events.

This is an important study that will help the people understand the mental situation of the horses before approaching them.

By Cameron Bravo

Cameron Bravo was born and raised in the beautiful state of New Mexico. He has written for Buzz Feed and KMAX-TV, In regards to academics, Cameron earned an arts degree from the Sacramento State. Cameron covers local news and culture stories here at The Truth News.

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