Mon. Sep 26th, 2022
Stacy Solomon Lashes Out At “NOW” For Its Mean Cover

TV anchor Stacey Solomon has lashed out on the gossip magazines for portraying women in a degrading and insulting way. She says that these journals picturize women as someone who is good for nothing. Stacey was reacting to Now magazine’s this week’s cover feature on her. This week’s cover was published with a headline degrading the TV anchor and citing reasons of her being boring, desperate and cheap as to why her fans are getting over her. Stacey is one of the panelist on the show Loose Women. She shared the cover of Now with her 1.44 million twitter fans through a post on her social media account and captioning it that this is the meanest thing which she has ever came across.

In a counter move, now has publicly apologized to Stacey in a statement released by them.

The TV presenter is not happy with the apology and not ready to forego the matter so soon. In one of her other tweets, she says that the magazine is always trying to make fun of people and it has dared the editors to explain their actions in the wake of the huge support she has received from her fans online. In an interview to BBC, she criticizes the journalists of making irrational stories just about anyone without any proof. She adds that she has learned to ignore things but some days, it does affect her.

The statement as given by the magazine said that their article was purely based on the public comments on Stacey on different social media accounts and they are in no way in accordance with these opinions. It further said that they ask for forgiveness if the story has caused any mental duress to Stacey Solomon. They are against any form of bullying and do not support it in any way.

By Carrie Adams

Carrie Adams is journalism graduate from New Mexico State University.  She’s based in T or C but grew up in New Jersey. After graduating school, Carrie couldn’t dream of going back to the New Jersey winters. Carrie has written for NPR, TODAY and the Huffington Post. Carrie is a health and science reporter, focusing issues affecting families.

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