Mon. Sep 26th, 2022
Steve Wozniak Who Co-founded Apple Is Now With Equi Capital—A Crypto Startup

Steve Wozniak, the man who co-founded the tech giant Apple, has now finally decided to join the cryptocurrency league. The man declared on this Tuesday that he has now joined the crypto startup Equi Capital, which is actually an investment-focused company. This has been quite a transition for the 68-year-old man, coming from a completely different field and entering this crypto league. The man, while speaking to the bitcoin proponent Null transaction, revealed a few things about his decision and his future plans in this field of operation.

Steve said that he is actually quite amazed by the technology that is behind this field of cryptocurrency. He also added that this is the very first time for him to be working with one of the blockchain companies in his entire career, which was quite long actually. This company, Equi Capital, is said to be acting purely as an investment firm, as per the man.

The company has shared some details on its Twitter page that shed some more light on the focus of the company. According to its Twitter account, the company is mainly aiming to help both the professional as well as the retail investors in purchasing equity in the companies. This move is mainly taken to replace the investing firms that have been working on a traditional level.

Wozniak said that the company is actually trying to do the investment from the investors that actually have quite a record in some of the things which are good to invest, for instance, the huge apartment buildings in cities like Dubai, but his role in the company was not disclosed in detail by the man.

Speaking of Equi Capital, according to the reports from Next Web, the company has had a bumpy ride as far as the operations are concerned. It would now be interesting to see in which direction the company goes with the support of Wozniak.

By Joe Peterson

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