Wed. Sep 28th, 2022
Surprise Attack Of Indie Publisher Will Be Known As Fellow Traveller

Surprise Attack Games, an independent games publisher from Australia has shared a new focus and new name for the business. It is rebranding as Fellow Traveller, under this label the business will have a new focus on investment, publishing and offer support for unusual games, especially which are story-based.

Surprise Attack Of Indie Publisher Will Be Known As Fellow Traveller

Along with the re-launch the company announced 2 new signings that include, Jump over the ages’ “Alien ocean exploration game In Other Waters”, and Chance Agency’s “Cyberpunk taxi-driving adventure Neo Cab.”

The game Neo cab has a player who is among the last human taxi drivers exist in a completely mechanical universe, which was announced last month on IGN among the top 10 games based on their appearance in E3, 2018.

Chris Wright, MD, Fellow Traveller, said, “The Indie scene becomes much better and developed since the beginning of Surprise Attack in 2011.” In 2011, the vision of indie publisher appeared as the oxymoron but in recent times there is a big and mature indie labels groups and more are ready to launch soon.

Just same as the Indie record labels that encouraged us to begin the firm, we were having an ideology of building an image for a specific flavor of games. We are certain that the re-launching is the next step by indie labels to assist developers makes their mark in a competitively crowded market and allow games to search for the sort of game they want to play. We are always among the people who like to have a weird and wonderful way of pushing our boundaries to tell stories via games. We made efforts to attract both the gamers as well as developers.

Surprise Attack, a marketing consultancy of Indie publisher that is founded in 2011, is celebrating its anniversary as they have completed 5 years as a publishing label.

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