Wed. Sep 28th, 2022
Swiss Startup is ready to break the world record with Machine learning

Right now the world record of a speed of a bike on a flat road was made by a Dutch team in 2012, but the Swiss people are planning to take over the rivals, by using the machine learning. A program trained with aerodynamics is going to improve the bike and will be able to cut air to set a new record.

Right now Sebastiaan Bowier owns the record, which set a record of 83 mph or around 133.78 km/h in 2012. It is very unconventional to accept that how this bike, which was looking more like a small rocket running on road than a bicycle, can be streamline more.

But every point is important even it is about hundredth of the unit to make a record, and it can be even more surprise if even a small modification in the shape can help in breaking the record.

To reach the new limits, scientist from École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, computer vision laboratory, manufactured a machine learning program which has got the training on understanding with aerodynamics and 3d shapes qualities, hope to understand and create an intuition regarding the physics’ laws, as said by Pierre Baqué University.

By the means of EPFL video he explained, “The defined algorithm of machine learning we were working on using pictures as input.” A picture is a signal which is s a very well-structured format which is easy to manage by algorithm of machine learning. However, the researchers work in the field used the method which we refer as a mesh.

A team of scientist, Annecy University Institute of Technology, will try to use a digitally trained model in person in Nevada in September at Annecy University Institute of Technology, however, the involvement of computer is still not known, as it is said to be powered by human.

By Sara Liard

Sara Liard is a seasoned journalist with 15 years experience as a reporter. While studying journalism at college, Srah wrote her thesis on political corruption at the municipal level. As a contributor to The Truth News, Sarah mostly covers politics.

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