Mon. Sep 26th, 2022
The Release of Maverick, Sequel of Top Gun, Delayed


Top Gun, one of the most favorite movies among the youngsters, is not about to see its sequel anytime soon. In fact, the release date of the movie is delayed by a year. However, the logistical reasons are to be blamed for the unnatural delay.

Paramount had targeted to release the movie on July 2019 but due to some unavoidable circumstances, the release date has been postponed till June 2020. According to the studio, the enhanced time frame will be used to implement the latest technologies, planes, and mechanisms to give the movie a new dimension.

The shooting for the sequel started in May and a poster of the same was also released. The movie has Tom Cruise in the lead role apart from the other renowned star cast. Some of the other casts are Ed Harris from Westworld, Jon Hamm from Mad Men, and others. Val Kilmer will also be seen in the role of fighter pilot Iceman.

Tom Cruise had shared an image of him donning an attire of a US Navy pilot. This proved that he will be recreating the magic, 32 years after the Top Gun, by playing the role of Pete Maverick Mitchell.

Joseph Kosinski is the director of the upcoming sequel, who is also known for his direction in the sequel of Tron in 2010.

He is hopeful regarding the movie and stated that it will depict the activities of the modern day military. It will also showcase the differences between the first movie and the modernization adapted in the sequel.

He stated that the world is yet to be explored as the modern world is all about the drones and 5th generation fighters. He also stated that the final man-made fighter produced by the US Navy will be shown in the film, which put the final line to the era of dogfighting.


By Joe Peterson

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