Mon. Sep 26th, 2022
To Battle The Content Fragmentation, Box Has Built A Digital Hub


Cloud has been helping people a lot in the recent times and the interconnections of the same that are available are allowing us to share the important content quite widely with not only the people inside the organization, but also with those outside the organization, and across many other applications as well. But this same ability of the Cloud is more of a bane than a boon as this has created a huge problem and the problem is called as digital fragmentation. The problem is that it gets very difficult to track which information is being used over this wide network of cloud services.

It seems that the solution to this particular problem has been found by the company Box and some of the latest features of the same, including Recommended Apps and Activity Stream, the company can achieve the same. The company made all the important announcements related to these in one of the conferences that are conducted by the company annually, and which was held in San Francisco this time, last week.

The content which needs to be tracked can now be tracked easily, and that too in real time, with the help of this feature called Activity Stream, which basically goes through the organization and other details including the applications used in it and the people who have touched it, thus acting quite like an audit trail, which is digital in nature.

Thus, the path of the important content can now be very easily followed by the people and the people can also observe how it is being shared by other people, which is expected to solve many problems in the digital world including those related to the feeling of disconnection among the people while using these digital services. The products were only announced and will take some time to be completely analyzed before entering the market.

By Carrie Adams

Carrie Adams is journalism graduate from New Mexico State University.  She’s based in T or C but grew up in New Jersey. After graduating school, Carrie couldn’t dream of going back to the New Jersey winters. Carrie has written for NPR, TODAY and the Huffington Post. Carrie is a health and science reporter, focusing issues affecting families.

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