Wed. Sep 28th, 2022
Treasure Trove Of UK's Botanical Collection On Display

Charles Darwin had collected a potato plant during his voyage to Beagle, back in 1835. The renowned naturalist discovered this plant on an island off Chile. This collection is considered as the most treasured flora and is about to be showcased in an exhibition for the first time ever. This exhibition will also display around 1 million items which are of great importance in the area of science and heritage. This exhibition can be accessed online as well along with the public display at the New Center at the Royal Horticulture Society Wisley, Surrey.

Treasure Trove Of UK's Botanical Collection On Display

This plant was undercover for a long period of time but surfaced 5 years ago in the closet of Royal Horticulture Society or RHS. However, Tivvy Harvey, the keeper of the herbarium in the aforementioned society stated that this flora is a part of the origin of science. He further added that the potato plant was an essential part of the voyage and also a great contributor to the theory of evolution uncovered by Charles Darwin.

The Society, RHS, has a great collection from the genre of flora that includes the rare plant species, plant catalogs, and old books. According to the Head of Libraries and Exhibition of the society, Fiona Davison, the items that will be displayed in the exhibition hold an intense historic importance but were kept under cover for a long period of time.

There are numerous contributors, who have safeguarded the rich history of flora and have collected rare specimens. However, the names of the explorers have not being exposed.

Daffodil is a great portion of the modern garden but only a few know that the splendid plant was nearly eradicated from the face of the earth due to a fatal disease. James Kirkham Ramsbottom intervened in the matter in 1916, curing the disease and ensuring the survival of the plant.

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