Tue. Sep 27th, 2022
Trump Believes Great Trade between The US And UK Possible

The US president Donald Trump and the first lady Melania Trump had visited London, which has attracted a huge uproar of protests. People have even demonstrated their repulsion by floating a large balloon that showed Trump as a baby. However, he said that the possibilities of a trade deal between the UK and the US is high and is very special.

Trump Believes Great Trade between The US And UK Possible

Trump had a meeting with Theresa May, the UK PM, at Chequers. When the meeting was over, the latter revealed that an ambitious trade deal is on its way between the two countries. Aftermath, both the guests had tea with the Queen at the Windsor.

The Queen welcomed the President and his wife with open arms by playing the Star-Spangled Banner through the Coldstream Guards and asking them to examine the guard of honor. The meeting ran for an hour, which concluded his visit to the UK. He boarded the presidential helicopter from the castle to take the Air Force One. They flew to Ayrshire to spend the weekend at the Turnberry Golf resort.

NATO summit in Brussels was the first official visit of the US president to the UK after gaining the position. After the meeting was over, the president stated that Theresa May was a tough lady to deal with as she had presented a strategic set of regulation in front of the President. He had also complimented her for playing a competent role in the country.

He also stated that before the meeting, the trade deal was not possible. However, he has changed his mind after the meeting with Mrs. May along with the trade analysts. He is even looking forward to the deal. He further mentioned that the accomplishment of a successful deal is inevitable for both the nations that will positively affect the peace, liberty, and justice.

By Carrie Adams

Carrie Adams is journalism graduate from New Mexico State University.  She’s based in T or C but grew up in New Jersey. After graduating school, Carrie couldn’t dream of going back to the New Jersey winters. Carrie has written for NPR, TODAY and the Huffington Post. Carrie is a health and science reporter, focusing issues affecting families.

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