Wed. Sep 28th, 2022
US Study Suggests Survival Rate For Female Heart Patient Higher When Treated By Women Doctors

Women have higher chances of survival when treated by a female doctor for their heart ailments rather than that of a male counterpart in the same situation. This is the result of a research revealed by a major US study. Over a period of 19 years and case study of around 5,80,000 heart attacks, it was found out that 13.3% passed away after being treated by male doctors and the percentage of death in case of treatment by female doctors was 12. The chances of survival also got better if the male doctor had a number of female members in his team. The research team is of the opinion that men maybe are not so good at taking care of women patients.

US Study Suggests Survival Rate For Female Heart Patient Higher When Treated By Women Doctors

The researchers studied incognito patient data from a Florida hospital from 1991 to 2010. They opined that after taking patient’s medical history along with age and race into account, they had a better survival rate under the care of a female doctor. This ratio was bigger in case of women. The mortality rate was 12.6% in case of men and 13.3% in case of women when treated by male physicians. The ratio dropped down to 11.8% in men and 12% in women after treatment from a female doctor. Even the same result was seen in accident cases in emergency rooms.

Meanwhile, some experts on the subject who are working on their own say that more research is needed to see if the pattern also follows in the UK hospitals. The theory that female doctors are better for women is yet to be proved. Senior cardiology nurse at a British charity foundation says that there is a remarkable difference in the way male and female patients are treated by doctors in case of heart attacks. More work is needed to understand the cause of the disparity.

By Chris McFadden

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